Your roof, it’s condition and the consequences.
23rd January 2020 By Plusworld Academy

A roof forms the most important part of any building.

As such, the health of roofs are as important as those of the people leaving under the roofs.

Roofs are absolutely subject to deterioration and this is often as a result of the many weather conditions they are exposed to.

It is highly imperative to ensure that roofs are in perfect conditions because roofs serve as protectors of life and properties.

Not paying detailed and considerate attention to the health of a roof could complicate the condition of the roof which results to costing a lot more to repair.

Maintenance and renewal of roofs are, therefore, crucial to ensuring longevity and lack of roof deterioration with time.

Some factors affecting a roof’s life span are human decisions, such as how the roof is installed or repaired.
This can however be effectively controlled by choosing qualified roofing professionals and learning more about how your roof should function.

Weather condition also have effects on your roof depending on the type of roofing material used.

– Heat
Depending on the materials of your roof type, heat from the sun rays can cause roofing shingles to crack which when not given attention to can destroy your roof; and extreme heat can also cause roofing materials to shrink and expand leading to severe damages.

– Rain
Rain affects roofs on a regular basis. Hence, the importance of Inspecting your roof for any leaks after heavy rainfalls as natural wear and tear can make it vulnerable to water damage. The smallest crack can allow water to pass through and even little damage can have far-reaching consequences.

– Wind
Strong winds can cause severe damages to the structural frame of your roof by loosening the shingles on your roof and sometimes even cause cracks as well. In cases when roofs aren’t properly installed, heavy storm can take your rooftop away leaving the home unprotected and life and properties more at risks.

Life expectancy for roofs, like any other building component, is greatly influenced by the presence or absence of a roof maintenance programme.
It is therefore important to ensure that roofs are in perfect condition at all times.