23rd January 2020 By Plusworld Academy

We can relate to the excitement and curiosity that comes with the desire of painting your roof. Nonetheless, the thought can be overwhelming because it’s hard to know where to start, and you don’t want to end up with something that looks like a two-year-old painted it while blindfolded and angry.

So, we put together some tips and tricks for you to use either for yourself or as a guide when you have someone over to assist.

Getting started with painting is always so much fun either to watch or to do but the choice of colour is always a big decision…

Oftentimes, people decide they’ll make their own colour choice based on the different colours and options that other neighbours have used but again, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the options.

The ironic good news is that you probably will never get it right and you could. When painting your roof, you could consider combining multiple hues for a unique colour that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Also, the colour choice of your home painting could help influence the colour choice of your roof painting.

Another tip and trick for effective roof painting are that, you need to measure the dimensions of your roof to know the quantity of paint you’re going to buy. It can be quite overbearing when the paint isn’t enough while at work.

Also, under planning for costs could pinch your budget and you definitely do not want that.

In as much as the roof is a beacon of protection from the elements of nature; a place to entertain your friends with a spectacular view of the skyline, a canvas for your imagination to run wild upon and all of those sweet things, still what you’re going to do with a roof is to paint it either smooth or textured. Therefore, the type of paint to use is as significant.

At Plusworld Roofing, we bother ourselves with all the hassles and leave you with our mouth-watering and stunning results which would leave you super satisfied. Our roof painting services are the best.

Our pricing system will not crack or break you and we partner with the best pant production industries across the world that will give your roof just the perfect feel, look and view you’ve always dreamed of.

Nonetheless, we are still diverse even in disseminating information. Just in case you want to explore and do it yourself (DIY), here are a few simple things you can do to make sure it goes smoothly.

1. Make sure your roof is clean and dry. If you have moss, weeds, or even just dirt on your roof, be sure to clean it off before you start painting. You don’t want to be working with flaking paint or peeling layers of dirty stuff from your roof as the paint dries.

2. Use good brushes and rollers. You can contact Plusworld Roofing to make your purchase for Graco Airless Sprayers. When applying paint to the roof's surface, you don’t want to have any interruptions of brushes and rollers falling apart or leaving scratch marks all over the place. Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job!

3. Consider power washing first. If you’ve already cleaned your roof and are ready to go with a coat of paint, consider power washing it first. This will help ensure that your new paint will stick as well as possible. It’s also a great opportunity to evaluate any problems with your roof that you may not have noticed before—like small holes or loose tiles—and get them fixed before they become bigger problems later on in the process!

4. Get supplies beforehand. You’re going to need paint, of course, but also:

• A bucket of water

• A ladder

• Painter’s tape

• Safety goggles

• Paint thinner and the likes.

5. Go easy on yourself. If it’s not all done at once, that’s okay! Take it a section per interval.